Holi festival

Enjoyful holi festival in America.

Hindi cinema

This movie I saw first time in my life,I was in New Delhi wow time can’t be return….Also Salman khan and Bhagyashree first time in Hindi cinema.Please wacth and enjoy thanks.


Indian music

This is one of the most colourful  festival  in India HOLI ……

Thanks for watch

Music and Entertainment

Jaunsar the heart of uttrakhand

( Thanks to you tube)


This is the Garhwali uttrakhand one of the language in India ,and folk music and dance from Rawain and Jaunsar velly this kind of music makes to melt my heart thanks to swagat Films.


mansaram jogiyal

My bliss is Hill station.(Photography&blogging 101 The commons WordPress.)


Uttarkashi in Uttrakhand state of India,city situated bottom of the hill with riverbank.

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This folk song dedicated to my small sister she is not longer in this earth now.