Kapil Srivastava, India’s fastest fingers on guitar

I like instrumental music.


Kapil Srivastava, India's fastest fingers on guitarWatch out the India’s 1st perfectly rendered guitar solo video of ‘Neele Neele Ambar Se’ which is also regarded as one of India’s fastest guitar pieces; played by Guitarist Kapil Srivastava.

Neele Neele Ambar par is one of the best Bollywood guitar pieces, musically directed by legendary music directors Kalyanji Anandji and Bappi Lahiri ;is a sheer reflection of awesome guitar leads, finger dexterity.

Neele Neele Ambar Par, is not only one of the best Bollywood guitar pieces but an inspiring tune for every guitar learner/player. It is a master piece and challenge to keep you while you are learning guitar. Once a student through all the modules of Complete Recreational Program, it becomes easier for you to adopt this melody.

The student needs to cover almost all frets of guitar in this song from 0 to 17th Fret. It also requires a lot of finger training and over-training…

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