Târgu Mureș tonight


The Happy Hermit

Many of you have been asking me for photos of Europe’s most romantic boulevard with snow. But there actually was not that much snow in Târgu Mureș this winter. On the few snowy days, there was no sun. And when we had sun, I preferred to go jogging instead of walking around with my camera.

Now I am worried that I have missed the chance. Tomorrow I am leaving for Morocco for two weeks, and by the time I will return to Târgu Mureș, winter will be over, the ice will have melted, the flowers will be blooming, the trees will be green and laden with cherries and oranges, the girls will be wearing short skirts and we will have barbecues by the river.

To use the last chance today, I took my camera and went for a short walk around the neighborhood tonight. I don’t live in the center where all the beautiful buildings, palaces…

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