Your Smile is your facebook

Happiness is the tool of your business,career and even part of the daily life also home with family.Risultati immagini per buzzfeed free photos

Many people in the morning salute you “good morning”,”Namaste”,”Buongiorno”, angry voice,these words if you can use politely,it will go to charity to another person for being happy.

If you stressed,nobody want to take your stress even your family members but,if you are happy everybody want to shere with you just like Facebook.

Ons upon a time two friends working at office,one of them is always happy and another one is very stressed,may be from boss and another family problemes.He said how can you are always happy may be you don’t have any problems,then he told no dear I have more than you but stress is not a solution these problems,so become happy and keep a smile.

So Smile please!!!


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