This is the sweet memory of my camera Lignano Sabbiadoro.My beautiful picture



Actually in this Song. A newly married lady get Hiccup (Hitchhike in Hindi). This newly married Lady is singing that who reminded (remembered) her that she got Hiccup. Her Colleagues or Companion other girls Serial wise Say her that First Her Father reminded (remembered) about her that she got Hiccup. Then her Colleagues Companion Girls say that her Mother reminded (remembered)her etc, etc, that she got Hiccup. Ultimately, Her Colleagues Companion girls finally say this newly married girl that her Husband remembered (reminded) her that she got Hiccup, Then Newly married girls finally agree that definitely her Husband Reminded (Remembered) about her that She got Hiccup (Hitchhike).

My mother and my daughter

la mia mamma e mia figlia


Uttranchal music Jonsar

Lovely Ranwai velly,I love this music and hats off this culture  thanks to all team of Vijay Bharti Ji.

Singers Voice is a god gift

Voice of the  singer is just a god gift even any language you can sing a songs if somebody have a magical voice there is a need to little practice and you can do it.

Why this Kolaveri kolaveri di …………….. white girl……heart black…….

empty life……girl come……life like ………reverse gear……


A.R.Rahman one of the music director and singer, sometimes we are enjoying songs ,music,and dances  but you  know how many hard work is there  may be many of nights they can’t sleep for rehearsal.

sings with music and even dance are too difficult if you think I want to start singing today that’s not possible,really I saw this song,which one sang by A.R.Rahman great.

Thanks, Rahman Bhai Ji.


Improve your writing skill

You are writing on your computer every day, how can you make your speed to write very fast. In the every keyboard you can see “F” key and “J” key have an Underline if you know very nice, otherwise see your keyboard immediately.

For learning stage, on the”F” key keep your left – ring finger, And right – ring finger keep to “J” then after some time you can write without seeing the keyboard these underline made only for help to writing without seeing the keyboard, bothe thumbs for usage only space bar.

write to me now if you saw  this thank you.