Improve your writing skill

You are writing on your computer every day, how can you make your speed to write very fast. In the every keyboard you can see “F” key and “J” key have an Underline if you know very nice, otherwise see your keyboard immediately.

For learning stage, on the”F” key keep your left – ring finger, And right – ring finger keep to “J” then after some time you can write without seeing the keyboard these underline made only for help to writing without seeing the keyboard, bothe thumbs for usage only space bar.

write to me now if you saw  this thank you.




Madhubala(evergreen songs)

The evergreen song in Mughal E Azam in 1960 Madhubala and Dilipkumar The sweet voice of Lata Mangeshkar and Shamshad Begam lovely song.


Artificial lights and artificial mankind’s,if I think for artificial word,we can find everything in the world just for example light,flowers,plants,even teeth,hair,nails,man and women also!!!!This is mystery for to-day task,blogging & photography 101 W.P.

My beautiful picture


This photo is captured inside by my camera may be fit for to-day task.blogging and photography 101 W.P.

My beautiful picture


To-day assignment is Nature (blogging and photography 101) Udine Italy.

My beautiful picture


These Girls are not big just a jock (Blogging and Photography 101 WordPress)Venice Italy.My beautiful picture

Punjabi song(India)

Now I want to show you star singer Mr.Hans Raj Hans what a voice!!!

Thanks to watch.